About Us

Woodlawn United Methodist is a Christ-centered community, serving the Woodlawn neighborhood of Birmingham and beyond. We are living into this vision:

We gather at God’s Table to feast on food and the Spirit, seeking fullness of life for all.

As a United Methodist Church, we are rooted in grace, God’s unconditional love. We try to love people for who they are. We try to serve God being our authentic selves. And we live in hope that where we fail, God’s grace will fill in, showing us a better way.

Our faith is based in relationship. God shows us relationship through Jesus. Jesus shows us relationship through his actions in the Gospels. Around meal tables, the communion table, coffee tables and other spaces we form and grow relationships that feed and nourish us.

To find out more about our church, faith, and beliefs, go to umc.org.

Reconciling Ministries Network

Woodlawn United Methodist is a member of the Reconciling Ministries Network, which is is a growing movement of United Methodist individuals, congregations, campus ministries, and other groups working for the full participation of all people in The United Methodist Church.

Reconciling Ministries Network envisions a renewed and vibrant Wesleyan movement that is biblically and theologically centered. As committed disciples of Jesus Christ, the Reconciling Ministries Network strives to transform the world by living out the Gospel’s teachings of grace, love, justice and inclusion for all of God’s children.

Find out more, by visiting http://www.rmnetwork.org