Community Event Wish List

August 1, 2019, by Emily Penfield            From the Pastor


As you are out and about, could you please help us with our “wish list” for items we would like to add to our stockpile for community events such as Trunk or Treat, the Easter Egg Hunt, and perhaps a new one or two!  Stay tuned! Just put the item(s) in the brown basket and we’ll get them sorted!  Also, there is one “big” wish at the end of this list.  It’s not an immediate need but is something we could really use if one becomes available.



Community Event Wish List


Gently loved stuffed animals of any size

Cute pencils, erasers, small crayon packs, cute pens, stickers

Bubbles  (Anything from individual bottles of bubbles up to large bottles and bubble playsets…hopefully, these will go on sale at the end of the summer!)

Anything that could go in a small prize bag such as you see at a child’s birthday party

Sidewalk chalk

Rubber duckies (must actually float)

Small bags for prize bags (smaller than lunch bag size)

Two liter drinks of any type (these will be used in October as part of a game at Trunk or Treat)

Small bottled waters

Juice boxes

Capri Sun or Kool-aide Jammers pouches

If anyone is upgrading their refrigerator and has a good serviceable one they would like to rehome, we could use one to replace the one in our storage area.