In Gratitude

May 30, 2024, by Emily Penfield            Featured

I am so thankful to God that I have been able to serve Woodlawn UMC for the past twelve years.  I have grown as a pastor and as one of God’s beloveds during my time at this church.  Thank you for the wonderful brunch and for including Matthew and the girls in the celebration.  We appreciate the gifts and gift card and all the notes and words you have poured out.  We appreciate all that you are!

​I am also thankful for a few weeks off before I begin my appointment at Pleasant Grove UMC.  This will give me time to travel and see family.  My last Sunday is June 9th.  Because I’m leaving early, I have worked it out with the SPRC to take half my salary in June so that preachers can be engaged during these weeks. 

June 23rd – Bill Morgan
June 16th – Kamron Furlow
June 30th – Judy Shepherd

There will also be a pastor on call in case on an emergency.  Kelsey McClure and Lyn Cosby will have this information in case you need it.  

​I hope you will continue to pour out the love as you welcome the Revered H.N. Gibson and their wife, Maggie.  H.N.’s first Sunday will be July 7th.  Please make a concerted effort to be here with arms wide open for them.

​I love you, WUMC!