March 17, 2023, by Emily Penfield            From the Pastor

Transitions, whether welcome or not, often have our hearts and heads going in different directions.  We’re moving from past to future, our emotions can be contradicting or exaggerated and trying to muddle through can have us unsettled. 

In the Church Office we’re going through a couple of transitions right now.  Jan Conway, who has been our Administrative Assistant for 10 years (plus stints as the organist and the choir accompanist) is retiring this month.  Jan has been my right hand during this time.  She has run the church office in a very welcoming and efficient way. One of the things I was concerned about in finding a new Assistant was having someone who is as hospitable to members and guests, people known and unknown at the door and on the phone.  Jan is wonderful with our community.

This is one of the many gifts that Kelsey McClure brings to this position starting this month.  Kelsey and Xavier have been a part of our congregation for several years. Also, working with Woodlawn Community Table, Kelsey knows our neighborhood and sees the image of God in others.  She has lots of skills in communication and design and picks up most everything digital with speed.  We are so glad for her to join the church staff.  As well as Kelsey moving into the church office, we are moving to a new church management system.  Kelsey will be integral in the transition.  Just know that for a few weeks any requests to the office may be a bit slower in getting a response.  We think this new system will be so much better – but it’s a transition so all the above will apply.

          I am sad that I won’t work with Jan anymore, but she’s not leaving the church or community.  We want to celebrate her service to God and WUMC.  On Sunday, March 19th, our covered-dish luncheon will be in her honor.  I hope you’ll come to say “thank you” on this day.  And pray for Jan, Kelsey and me during this time of transition.