We bring our best to worship God on Sundays at 11:05 a.m.

Our services can be described as traditional, joyful, reverent, reflective, and sometimes challenging. We pray, sing, profess a creed, read scripture, give our tithes and offerings, preach and take Holy Communion almost every week.

A word about Holy Communion

This is a sacrament (a sacred sign or ritual pointing to God’s grace and love) which is also called the Eucharist or the Lord’s Supper.

At Woodlawn UMC we receive Communion most Sundays. This sacrament leads us to confess our sins, rehearse the story of Jesus and remember the gift of forgiveness God has for us.

Bread and wine are the two symbols used in Holy Communion. Bread represents Christ Jesus’ body. Wine (although we use grape juice) represents Christ Jesus’ blood. We receive by intinction – a piece of bread is given and then dipped into the cup.

In our church and the United Methodist Church as a whole, all people are invited to take Holy Communion. There are no exclusions, although it is each individual’s choice to take or not.

A word about Baptism

This is the other sacrament in the UMC. It is the sign of God’s claim on our lives and new life we enter when we receive this claim. Water is symbol used to represent new life, nurture and cleansing. We baptize by sprinkling water, pouring water or immersing in water. People of all ages can be baptized at our church. Infants and children are baptized with the parents or guardians making the vows to raise the child in the love of God. Confirmation is the ritual that follows infant baptism, when the person decides to receive God’s love for her or himself.