Accountability From Your Pastor

February 1, 2021, by Emily Penfield            From the Pastor

A friend was telling me they got an Apple Watch for Christmas.  Besides answering phone calls on your watch you can also set activity goals for the day. The goals are represented by rings, and when you complete your goal for the day, then the ring closes.  This friend was saying how helpful it was to have accountability for their physical activity and exercise, “got to make the rings close.” 

There are lots of ways we can find accountability for the goals and behaviors we want to practice.  Apple is appealing to those who want an accountability tool for their exercise (and maybe a neat gadget?).  There are programs and apps to record the food we eat, the amount we sleep, the time we work.  Screen devices will tell you how long you’ve been on that screen this week.  However, some accountability can only come through a trusted person.  Usually with the issues and behaviors that run deep in our life, we need honesty with love.  Habits we are trying to ditch or disciplines we want to weave into our days are tied to more than just motivation.  Listening, helpful words and prayers from someone who wants you to succeed can make the difference.

I want to offer this Lent something I did a few years ago – a weekly accountability check-in.  If you are giving up or taking on a practice or discipline this Lent (giving up a food, reading scripture daily, writing in a prayer journal) to strengthen your connection with God or examine your spirit, I’d love to help.  Each week I’ll send you a text or email or a brief call to check in and give you encouragement.   I’ll also hold your Lenten discipline in confidence.  Just let me know how you’d like to be contacted and what you want accountability for.  You can contact me at the church. Lent begins on February 17th with Ash Wednesday.  Let me know if you have questions or want to participate.