Multiplying the Loaves and Fishes

April 23, 2024, by Emily Penfield            Featured

There are some biblical scholars that say that the gospel stories of the loaves and fishes multiplied, was a miracle of generosity rather than a miracle of food creation or production. That when the people in the crowds saw the little boy with five loaves and two fish share his food, that they remembered they had a little with them too, they decided to quit hiding the sandwich they brought, they realized they could share and still have enough to eat. And everyone would have enough to eat.

Our vision statement begins, “We gather at God’s table with our neighbors to feast on food and the Spirit”.  I saw this come to life at our last couple of covered-dish lunches. More people from our neighborhood are coming to lunch and sitting down at the table with us to eat. This past month we about ran out of food.  We are working on ways to make sure everyone has enough to eat.

I think we need a miracle of generosity. Rev. Barbara Brown Taylor writes 

“In this story (the loaves and fishes) God tells us, out of God’s own deep pain and sadness for the world, ‘Stop waiting for food to fall from the sky and share what you have. Stop waiting for a miracle and participate in one instead.’”  Here are some ways we can participate.

*Those who can need to bring more food. Be generous to bring another dish or a larger quantity. 

* Sit down and eat with someone who isn’t a member of the church. Be generous with your presence and spirit.

* Help our kitchen crew in cleaning up, or swap out with one of them for a month. They are carrying the load of making sure we have enough and preparing everything. Be generous with your time and energy.

*Donate to our fragments fund. We are going to re-start receiving fragments- coins or paper money you have with you on Sunday. This money goes to pay for our paper products. There will be a container in the foyer. Be generous with your money.

There will be other ways of communication, serving and fellowship that we work on too, as we strive to to the second part of our vision realized, “…seeking fullness of life for all.”