Being the Church While Not at Church

April 7, 2020, by Emily Penfield            From the Pastor

During this COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot gather at the church building; however we can still be the CHURCH, following Jesus Christ and sharing God’s love with others.  Here are ways you can BE THE CHURCH. 

*Reach out to friends, family, church members. You can do this by phone or letter.  Call the church office if you need a particular phone number or address.  Leave a message if we don’t answer. Especially remember those who are alone where they are (home, retirement or nursing facility).

*Worship God  You can do this ANYWHERE!  Pray, Sing, Dance, Read Scripture in your home, outside on a walk,  or over the phone with friends.  Light a candle, put out a cross (even if you have to draw one) or make an altar with things that are gifts of God.  Inside this newsletter is information on how we are worshiping together over phone, podcast, etc…

*Serve God  We are still able to run our food co-ops through Woodlawn Community Table, although it looks a little different with social distancing.  You too can serve God, although it may look different than your regular service.  Think about what your gifts are – what are you good at, what are you able to do right now? What do the people around you need?  How could your gifts or abilities serve them?  Could you read a book to a child over the phone?  Could you pay for someone’s groceries/medication?

*Give to God through the Church and WCT  Although we are not gathering at the church, our ministries continue and some of them require dollars.  If you are able to continue to contribute your offerings, tithes, and pledges – here’s how to do so.  1.  You can mail a check to the church.  2. You can bring your offering to the church.  If there is no one in the office, drop it in the mail slot to the right of the door.  3. You can go online to our webpage ( and click GIVING.  On that page there is a button that says DONATE.  That will take you to PayPal which will allow you to make a donation with your credit card.  You can do the same for Woodlawn Community Table.  (mail, drop-off, online payment) That website is

As your pastor, I ask for your prayers.  I’m figuring out new ways to lead our church to be THE CHURCH with lots of trial and error, but all the while in faithfulness to God.