God’s Revolution

December 1, 2017, by Emily Penfield            From the Pastor

When I think of a revolution, I often get images of a battle or war, like America’s Revolutionary War or the French Revolution that came shortly after it.  The word “revolution” comes from the Latin word “to turn around.”  When people revolt they want their circumstances to turn around.  It might be their economy, their culture, or most often their socio-political situation, including how they are governed.  People under oppression or trapped in unfavorable ways revolt and make a turn for independence.  And often, because the way we humans deal with power, this often comes with loss of life.

God’s Revolution was a TURN FROM people being in bondage to each other and the sins that came from that TO a way to freedom and salvation.  It was never God’s intent for us to enslave and dictate one another, yet this is another way humans sometimes deal with power.  Many of us want control.  God’s revolution is the Christ.  The one who came into this world like we all did – through a mother’s womb.  The Christ grew and learned and led a way where people could look to God for the ultimate power and control.  The Christ did not start a war, but did lose his life in the struggle.  God’s revolution didn’t involve a nation or empire being taken down, but the turn came as the Christ was resurrected and proclaimed victory over death.

God’s Revolution continues today as we share the good news of the Christ.  This Advent our theme is God’s Revolution and we’ll focus on the turn- around Christ leads us in.  At the top of this post you will see a video that you can share with others to invite them to our Sunday morning worship and Christmas Eve services.  The direct link is https://youtu.be/ehOACr1JJdI  .  Share the good news of the Christ – be a part of God’s Revolution.