It’s Been Five Years!

October 3, 2019, by Emily Penfield            From the Pastor

September 2019 marks five years that we’ve operated our low-income food cooperatives.  The first one began meeting on September 2, 2014 with 10 families.  We’ve grown to serve 50 families which represent 156 people we are engaged with in our community.  Over the past 5 years, we’ve served 300+ people and made some wonderful relationships and connections, in the midst of this empowering endeavor.

As communicated earlier this year, we’ve formed Table to Table, Inc, a non-profit organization supporting this ministry.  Currently, the Table to Table board is working on fundraising, with the goal of expanding to three co-ops.   We are launching a campaign called “5 FOR 5.”  To celebrate our 5th year anniversary, we are encouraging those who would like to contribute financially to Table to Table’s mission, to donate an amount with a 5 in it (i.e. $5, $75, $255, $500).  Donors can contribute at our new website,  or by check made out to Table to Table.  It costs approximately $8000 to run each co-op for a year. 

All the improvements we are making on the co-op building allows our co-op members to do their work more efficiently and in better conditions on our meeting days. (see the article inside about work days)  Soon, new member, Linda Thacker, will begin volunteering as a parish nurse, offering low-level nursing to co-op members.  Recently, other churches and groups have come to learn this model of food assistance, so our efforts are expanding to touch more families in other neighborhoods. 

Most church members are at work when the co-ops meet; but please know all the ways we support this ministry – with prayers, financial support, time and energy, contributing your plastic bags, participating in activities we do for the children of our families – are appreciated and, I believe,  blessed by God.