Jesus Will Still Come

December 8, 2020, by Emily Penfield            From the Pastor

A couple of years ago, on an Advent Sunday morning, before the worship service, I was in the choir room.  Choir members were getting on their robes and starting to practice.  I too was putting on my robe and preparing for worship.  Something hadn’t gone quite right for the morning – I can’t remember what.  Maybe the sound system was broken or we’d had a last minute change with something or other.  I was feeling anxious and I knew there were a few other choir members with full plates or difficult family situations.  We were all lamenting the stress of the holiday season.  Then realizing we had missed God’s truth, I said,  “Jesus is going to come anyway.”  No matter what we can or cannot control at the holidays (or any other time of year) Jesus will still come.  No matter how well or poorly we have prepared or feel the spirit, Jesus will still come.

Kenny Keith, a choir member and our Church Council Chairperson, reminded me of these words a few weeks ago when we were trying to settle on a safe plan for celebrating Advent and Christmas at the church.  We were disappointed with the news from public health agencies saying that the COVID virus cases would most likely rise after Thanksgiving (this was before they spiked in November).   I was trying to wrap my head around not singing Christmas hymns together and how in the world would we have communion on Christmas Eve.  I was lamenting having to tell you that we would not be worshipping in the Sanctuary this Advent.  Kenny said, “But Emily, Jesus will still come.”  And that’s the truth. 

Keep reading for the plans we do have for worship and ways we WILL prepare and celebrate the coming Christ Child.  Pandemic or not, stressed or anxious, several or no presents under the tree, Jesus will still be born into our hearts. He will still come to wrap the world in love and light.  He is coming.