More Gift Unwrapping

January 4, 2018, by webmaster            From the Pastor

Most likely you’ve unwrapped a gift or two in the past couple of weeks.  You’ve probably thrown away the wrapping paper by now, thanked the gift-giver and maybe put the present to good use.  Even though the Christmas season is over on January 6th (Epiphany – the day we celebrate the wise men visiting Jesus with gifts) we will continue to focus on gifts at WUMC.  This month we will begin a sermon series on our God-given gifts;  plus we will use an online tool to help us unwrap and discover our spiritual gifts.  This gift inventory will be offered on computers at church, as well as a possibility to do it at home.

The reason for this focus is for our congregation to find where we have pockets of gifts and passion.  What are the inclinations and nuances of our church and how can we use these to serve God in our community.  Do we have several people with the gift or teaching, or more who lean toward compassion ministries?  After we have done this, then we can match our gifts and passions with the needs around us.

Some of us may be aware of our spiritual gifts, talents and passions.  Others of us may need help unwrapping these.  This is where the gifts inventory tool comes in.  Through answering some questions about yourself, some simple conclusions can be made, helping us discover what and where we can be used most effectively. The Church Council will take the inventory during their annual day apart this month. My personal goal is to have 50 people take these inventories.  More instructions will be given in the following weeks.

God has given each one of us gifts to serve the world.  They may grow and change as we mature.  They may be practiced and honed or developed through opportunities or even challenges in our lives.  I hope you will embrace this focus on our God-given gifts, take the inventory and be a part of discovering the spiritual abilities of our congregation.