One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

October 3, 2019, by Emily Penfield            From the Pastor

I’ve been using this space in recent months to share with you about our church’s move to create a non-profit organization to sustain and grow our low-income food cooperative ministry.  This month is no different, except I want to share one step that we didn’t expect.

We named our organization Table to Table, Inc. because the co-ops bring neighbors together serving each other to put food on their dining tables.  It also represents God’s bountiful table where we are fed a meal of forgiveness and redemption, and where there is space for all people.  We were notified last month that a service organization in another state has trademarked the name Table to Table, Inc.  Although we are the only one using that name in Alabama, this restricts us from using it at all.  The board has elected to rename our organization Woodlawn Community Table.  We are in the process of doing this legally, as well as changing websites, bank accounts, and other needed items.  This is frustrating because it seems like a step in the wrong direction.

At the same time, we are making progress forward.  Through our 5 FOR 5 campaign celebrating the 5 years of our co-op ministry, we have raised nearly $1000.  This campaign will continue during the fall, and you are encouraged to contribute an amount with a 5 in it ($5, $50, $125, $500, etc.).  Through October, you may do so by writing a check to Table to Table OR going to the website It will take us a few weeks to change the name, so in November, look for new information. We were also awarded our first grant from Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s Caring Foundation. This will go a long way to begin a third co-op in 2020.

So, it’s one step back but two steps forward.  Continue to pray for progress in our work with Woodlawn neighbors having full dining tables of fresh and quality food.