Vacation Time

May 8, 2019, by Emily Penfield            From the Pastor

It’s that time of year when many people take vacations and plan getaways from their routine.  It can be refreshing to take a break, check out different scenery, immerse yourself in a new environment.  Summer, which often has a relaxed schedule, is an opportune time for this.  I’m looking forward to my girls’ being out of school so we can take a trip together later this month.

I’m really pleased that we now have an excellent way to keep people connected and engaged when they out-of-town or can’t come to Sunday worship:  our podcast.  A podcast is a recording that you can easily connect to through a smartphone or computer.  Each week, we record our worship services and then upload an edited version into our podcast file.  (See the article inside about where to find our podcasts).  I’ve already had a few people say the podcasts are helpful because they work on Sundays, have been out-of-town or have missed worship because of sickness.  I encourage you to listen to our podcast when you are vacation.

Of course, there’s nothing like people together in the sanctuary, singing, praying, hugging, laughing that creates energy for our worship services.  I guess it’s possible now that I could record my sermon and prayers, Andy could record playing the organ, Melissa could record the announcements, etc. and everyone could listen when they found the time.  Worship is giving our time to God, bringing our best selves and gifts, not just listening.  So, I hope you’ll add your energy and presence to our worship when you’re not on vacation. 

If you are vacationing this summer, be safe.  Bring back new ideas and experiences you encounter.  And be aware that God is always speaking and pointing out gifts of grace.  A break from  your routine may be what is needed for you to relax and refresh – and what God needs to get your attention!